Distances in Organizations Gets a Website!

Virtual teams, mobile work, hierarchies, multiculturalism — distances are ubiquitous in the modern workplace. Recent advances in social psychology identifying a relationship between the distances people consider and their cognition (i.e. their construal level) opened up new avenues for research in organizational behavior (review here). In fact, recent research in justice, leadership, and distributed teams explored important organizational phenomena through the lens of distance. Taken together, these form a corpus of research on “distances in organizations” (DIO); a research literature focused on understanding the interplay between the distances people consider (e.g. temporal, social, spatial), their cognition, and organizationally-relevant behaviors.

A few months ago, we organized the first workshop dedicated to organizational distances  – DIO Montréal 2018. We hosted 58 researchers from 8 countries at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management for two days of paper presentations and group discussions. I was personally amazed to see how many ambitious and diverse projects are currently in the works. A simple look at our program shows potential for tremendous growth in DIO research in the next few years, on many theoretical fronts.

During the workshop, several of us expressed an interest for an online platform where we could share methods. Dio.ac was built with the following goals in mind: (1) to help us to monitor DIO research, (2) to share resources online, (3) to help all of us understand where the field is going. Our main resource, the DIO reference tool, is a dataset of nearly 100 references of papers and methods related to DIO. This initial dataset, which will be enriched progressively, was collected and cataloged over the past couple of months with the help of our amazing resource committee.

Here are a few things that you can do today on this website:

Other exciting initiatives are in the works. Please contact me if you have a reference to suggest, or if you want to join our team!

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University