Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question related to DIO, feel free to contact us.

What is DIO?

DIO stands for “Distances in Organizations.” We are a network of scholars who study distances, construal levels, and their relationship to important management constructs (e.g. power, performance, justice). We have come together to further DIO research through a variety of initiatives.

What are DIO Workshops?

We held the first DIO workshop, DIO Montréal 2018, in May 2018 at McGill University. The purpose of our workshop was to bring DIO scholars together to discuss research findings and innovative ideas. Our next workshop is scheduled for May 2019.

What is the DIO Reference Tool?

Our DIO database includes many academic references related to DIO research. The purpose of this database is to make DIO papers and methods easy to access, through a filter tool based on different taxonomies. Papers can be filtered by type, by construct, , by author and by journal. For example, you can use the tool to identify all construal level manipulations published in the past five years.

Does the DIO Reference Tool map 100% of the field?

No. The reference tool only maps a portion of the DIO field. We regularly update the database to increase our coverage.  Please contact us if you have references to suggest.

Can I suggest references? Request edits to existing references?

Our goal is to provide an accurate map of past and current DIO research. If you have any suggestion, please contact us.

How can I keep in touch?

If you want to receive regular DIO updates, please sign up to our Newsletter. If you wish to be involved, please contact us.