We are a network of behavioral scientists engaged in DIO research. We wish to further research in the field through a variety of initiatives, such as paper development workshops and online resource sharing. Our projects are conducted and monitored by the following people:

Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee’s role is to provide guidance on the strategic directions that our network will be pursuing going forward. The committee is composed of the following people:

Yaacov Trope
New York University

Batia Wiesenfeld
New York University

Nira Liberman
Tel Aviv University

Cheryl Wakslak
University of Southern California

Ken Fujita
Ohio State University

Executive Chair

The Executive Chair’s role is to coordinate DIO’s initiatives.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt
McGill University

Resource Committee

The Resource Committee is in charge of maintaining the DIO reference database. Some of the committee’s responsibilities include identifying new publications in the field and new research methods. The committee is composed of the following people:

Dorit Treister
Ben-Gurion University

Patricia Staats
UNC Chapel Hill

Shanta Dey
McGill University

Ramona Bobocel
University of Waterloo