Perceived Power Measure

To what extent would you use the terms below to describe person XYZ?

  • Dominant
  • Powerful
  • In control


  • Participants enter ratings on Likert-scales ranging from 1 = “not at all” to 7 = “very much.” 
  • Ratings are averaged to obtain a perceived power score.

Reference Information

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Paper(s) Using Method

Big Picture Is Better: The Social Implications of Construal Level for Advice Taking

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Published in "Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes" in 2016.

Using Abstract Language Signals Power

Research Paper by Albert Han, Pamela Smith, and Cheryl Wakslak.
Published in "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology" in 2014.

APA-Format Citation

Wakslak, C. J., Smith, P. K., & Han, A. (2014). Using Abstract Language Signals Power. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107(1), 41-55.