Role Integration Behaviors Measure

Think about your work activities in a typical month. Please report how often, on average, you perform job-related tasks using mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, netbook, etc.) in the following settings:

  • At home, at your desk
  • At home, away from your desk (e.g., living room, bedroom, etc.)
  • In your company’s premises, away from your work station (e.g., meeting room, other office, etc.)
  • Out of your company’s premises, away from your home (e.g., public transportation, client’s premises, etc.


  • Participants enter ratings on Likert-scales ranging from 1 = “not at all” to 7 = “to a great extent.” 
  • Ratings are averaged to obtain a role integration score.

Reference Information

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Paper(s) Using Method

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Exploratory Learning, Mobile Technology, and Knowledge Workers’ Role Integration Behaviors

Research Paper by Jean-Nicolas Reyt and Batia Wiesenfeld.
Published in "Academy of Management Journal" in 2015.

APA-Format Citation

Reyt, J. N., & Wiesenfeld, B. M. (2015). Seeing the forest for the trees: Exploratory learning, mobile technology, and knowledge workers’ role integration behaviors. Academy of Management Journal, 58(3), 739-762.